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The 10 Best Explanations of Interstellar’s Meaning

As if Christopher Nolan hasn’t confused us enough times, 2014’s Interstellar carries on that tradition in epic lens flaring fashion.

What is Interstellar’s Meaning? What did the ending mean? Why did I stay up till 5am trying to figure it out?

I will admit I am a little late to the game, as I recently saw the film for the first time. As I am sure all of you did right after the movie, I went on a googling spree of never-ending proportions to try and figure out what I just watched for 3 hours.

I could try to explain Interstellar’s meaning myself, but I found that a group of people much smarter than me had already done that. So I put together this collection of what I believe to be the The 10 Best Explanations of Interstellar’s Meaning.

#1: Explaining the Interstellar Ending

Source: Den of Geek

Summary: This article does not really attempt to define the meaning of Interstellar as much as it breaks down the events in the film so they are easy to understand. It’s easy to get lost in 3 hour Christopher Nolan film and not be able to follow along. So I suggest you read this article 1st before moving on to the rest

#2: Interstellar Ending & Space Travel Explained

Source: Screen Rant

Summary: This explanation of Interstellar’s meaning centers around the concept that humanity is at its absolute best when it is thrown into the unknown and forced to explore. Ofcourse you will have to read the article to find out exactly what they mean by that.

#3: Why Interstellar’s Ending Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

Source: Cinema Blend

Summary: This one is pretty bleak. Author Sean O’Connell’s take is that Coopper is dead. Dr. Brand is dead. Everyone is flipping dead. Depressing as it may sound, it was actually the original ending to the movie as written by Christopher Nolan’s Screen Writing brother, Jonathan Nolan. So perhaps the events at the end of the movie are just manifestations of Cooper’s brain freaking out out he is being crush by the pressure inside the black hole. This was refrenced by Matt Damon’s crazy character when he said, “The last thing you see before you die is your children.”

#4: Interstellar Ending Explained: Time Travel and the Real Science

Source: Movie Web

Summary: This is yet another breakdown of the events of the, but includes a fantastic video by Neil DeGrasse and also this incredible visual timeline aid.

#5: Jonathan Nolan’s Ending to INTERSTELLAR Made A Lot More Sense

Source: Nerdist

Summary: This article describes Screen Writer Jonathan Nolan’s original ending to Interstellar. Apparently the second Nolan brother was at a speaking event and was asked about the film’s ending. If you want to go with the everyone’s dead theory, then this certainly lines up with it a lot better. Supposedly Cooper was supposed to die as soon as he ejected himself from his craft in the black hole. But hey, perhaps he did?

#6: ‘Interstellar’: A Physicist Explains That Crazy Ending

Source: Yahoo Movies

Summary: Yahoo movies went all out on this one. They grabbed a physicist, Dr. Sean Carroll, and had him explain a breakdown of the events of Interstellar and how they relate to real physics. Put your thinking cap on for this one because it’s a wild ride.

#7: FAQ: Interstellar

Source: Slate

Summary: This Slate article presents several questions about the film and provide answers to each one. This includes explaining why the Tesseract in the Interstellar universe is different than the one we all know and love from the world of the Avengers..

#8: Neil deGrasse Tyson Interstellar Mysteries: Nine Questions About Christopher Nolan’s Movie

Source: Slash Film

Summary: Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson takes on nine questions about Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar in this article. If you’re interested in how real world physics relate to Interstellar’s meaning, take a gander at this article.

#9: Christopher Nolan Explains Interstellar’s Big, Hotly Debated Twist

Source: The Daily Beast

Summary: I actually disagree with this, because I don’t believe Christopher Nolan explains it at all. He basically just tells us to figure it out for ourselves. However, since this is literally the only commentary out there from Nolan on this film, I decided to include it in this list.

#10: How does Cooper in Interstellar end up in a tesseract?

Source: Quora

Summary: This is not actually an article, but a fantastic thread on Quora where several really good theories are explained. I could summarize each one, but I think it’s best if you read them for yourself. Definitely some good information in this thread.

BONUS: Hilarious video from Mr Sunday Movies

Sorry, I had to include this as a bonus. This incredibly hilarious explanation of Interstellar’s meaning from the Mr. Sunday Movies youtube channel is a riot. He actually explains it pretty well, but you will have to watch it a few times. You will be too busy laughing to get each point.

So what do YOU think Interstellar’s Meaning was? Tell me in the comments!

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